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MIJO Handcycle Range

Improving the everyday mobility and quality of life of wheelchair users with the help of our products – this is what motivates us.

  • Let MIJO be a part of your everyday mobility.

  • Get to work with ease and take care of the shopping on the way home. Seize your daily opportunities with confidence.

  • It likes hard ground and even surfaces, but can also cope with uneven pavement and curbs.

  • With MIJO your manual wheelchair becomes an exciting vehicle, allowing you to be independent when getting to work, going shopping, or on a trip.

  • It combines ergonomics and functionality with good looks.

  • Every MIJO model creates its own story of freedom – meet family and friends, participate in more activities together or go for a solo adventure.

  • When choosing your MIJO model you can customise the set up with different configurations of clamps and accessories for optimal use and fit.

  • Each MIJO model comes with a variety of speed modes, up to 30KM/Hr.

  • The Lithium Ion battery only needs up to 5 hours to be fully charged.

  • On a full charge you can reach a range of up to 50 km (depending on terrain, driver weight and model chosen).

Get to Know Us

Mijo Mobility specializes in developing and producing handbikes, electric wheelchair and scooters.

Our technical team members have specialized in medical equipment for over 25 years. Our aim is the continual improvement of mobility for people with disabilities in order for them to achieve social integration and attain more quality of life. 

Whist amazing brands such as Batec, Klaxon and Firefly have been offered to the Australian market for some time, the cost can be prohibitive for most people.

All our products are classed as Medical Devices and built to CE Conformity, with what we think, is the best styling around.

This product catagory does not yet have a worldwide unified name. In Spain it is called Handbikes, in the US it is called Wheelchair Attachments, in Germany it is called Power Assisted Wheelchair Systems and in Italy it is called Power Devices. As a newcomer to this industry, we have no right to name it. But we hope that in the future, people all over the world will think of a brand when they see it, and that is MIJO

We aim to offer our customers a great product, at an affordable cost.


We’re looking for Retailers and Dealers from all over Australia. Please get in contact with us.

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